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((small howl))
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((small howl)) An addictive dark electro-pop album. It is said that her live performance is just as impressive and electrifying as this album, and I believe it. I can't wait! Favorite track: Succubus.
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released August 10, 2012

recorded by Evin Huguenin at P.R. Matrix Hex, summer 2012
photo by Alison Nitkiwitch



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Virusse Providence, Rhode Island

Virusse is the solo electronic project of Mindy Stock of Providence, RI. Influenced by and stemming out of the local experimental/noise scene, her songs drip with reverb, pop-encrusted melodies, driving beats, and swirling, distorted synth lines. Her lyrics tell tales of dreaming, doomed love, social anxiety, spirits, and the battle between self love or self destruction. ... more

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Track Name: Wanting
drinking pale ales on the stairs and watching you
you're growing your hair and your glasses are new
felines, fleas, ticks, flooding river, talks
rotting plants get trampled when we walk

don't you see me wanting
i won't bother you with my longing
but don't you see me can't you see me wanting
i won't bother you

my hands and legs feel empty when you're gone
but i can't handle two emotions
kick the drum and kick open my heart
smash the windows and the hallways haunt
Track Name: Succubus
when i wake up you're day is done
i'm ready to make love
feast on you
my status is i'm married to your blood
i'll tame the moon's broad light
to shine down on you
i'm in your veins
and i'm ready to give into you

succubus suck your blood i want it i'm ready

and when i'm thru with you i'm thru

i wouldn't dance for another
Track Name: Can't put my finger on it
i can't breathe when your sucking the air out of me
tangled up and pumping blood
just kill me now to keep the peace
then sleep

and i can't put my finger on it

where were we when we became older
what was the name of this thing we made
i've known you for a while now
why do we have to play these games

no longer the child i was
but i've been taken to the mind of a virgin
swollen wanting pain
just say those three words to increase the heat
then sleep
Track Name: Sociopath
this was stupid and wasteful
we hurt

the end of an era

i am ugly and hateful
no, shush

disloyal and chained to
the crutch

did you lie
i hope you lied
when you said
you still love me
cause i'd rather die

the clothes that we traded
they burned

the fluids, they faded
now dirt

did you know
i hope you know
that i was born
without a heart
cause i don't miss a thing
when they're gone
Track Name: 13 White Stones
i walk down the road
on a mission
collect 13 stones
i need them
i need them

love spells for you to be able to notice me
try to sleep try not to think of you


13 white stones
your initials
lay down in the parking lot
on the new moon
the new moon

i need eyes i can keep hidden deep away from you
can't see i need you just as deeply buried.